Making 'Apfelmus'

When it comes to food the differences between countries and cultures are most obvious to me. Some things you simply cannot get, for example Apfelmus, a very simple variety of apple sauce. In Germany you will get it anywhere but in Ireland it is really hard to get. So, it is on me producing it.

It is a simple thing but it is just not common in Ireland, just like crisps with sweet pepper taste. When you are asking for apple mush – what? Asking for apple puree – what? Apple sauce – yeah, we might have some in the spices. Where?


So if you want Apfelmus you have to do it on your own and it so simple that anyone can do it, because all you need is

  • a pot,
  • some apples and
  • sugar or, what we prefer, some ripe bananas.


Start by peeling the apples and cutting them into medium pieces, put 'em in a pot with a sip of water and heat on medium temperature. You do not want to cook them, so be careful.

After some simmering the apple pieces become soft. Add the bananas cut in slices and mash the whole mass. Let it simmer once more for some minutes.

If you like your Apfelmus smooth you put the mass in your mixer and shred it for a minute or two.

Now prepare some glasses where you can put in your Apfelmus. I use those glasses that are left from jam or honey. If you want to use glasses from sauces or pickles you should by new lids because the old once keep the smell and probably the taste of the spices.

Fill up the glasses and cover the lids with boiling hot water. That will kill all germs and especially moulds.

Pour away the water. Fill the mash carefully into the glass so that nothing drips on the edges. If it happens anyway wipe it away with a sheet of kitchen paper.

Put on the lid and that's it!

After a while you will hear a distinct PLOPP. That's when the lid is sucked closely on the glass. That way your Apfelmus will last at least some months if not years. But here at home it lasts only one or two weeks.

Enjoy it!

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