Graphic Design

A logo or emblem is an eye-catcher that invites potential customers to linger and take a closer look. What is that? What does this stand for? Who is behind it? Curiosity is aroused...

Developing a logo requires some thought work: What do I want to express? What makes my work special? what is so special about that?

And then comes the creative work, which involves developing the right illustrations or finding graphics and images.

I combine images and lettering to create a complete work. It is important to choose the right graphic elements, but also the right lettering. What is not there is done by myself. This then becomes a very individual flagship.

The story behind this logo:

The name of the publisher is based on the story of the two mice who fall into a cream pot. The one gives up and drowns, the other one continues to struggle until the cream has turned into butter and climbs out.

The name of the publishing house will be 'Maus auf Sahnetopf-Verlag' (appreviated to MaSt = mast) 'Mouse on cream pot publishing house'.

Instead of sitting on a cream pot, the mouse sits on a ship's mast and looks longingly at the morning star surrounded by the night sky.