Technical Documentation

In order to create instructions for a device, software or other application that requires explanation, I deal with the product or application, work out the individual steps for smooth use for the end user or professional, create and provide graphics and illustrations everything in an attractive layout.

The instructions are created with the target group in mind. This is preceded by a target group analysis that either already exists or is still being carried out by me or someone else.

In the EU, the instructions must meet the requirements of the relevant regulations and directives, e.g. B. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as the standards, e.g. B. DIN EN IEC 60601-1-6, DIN EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1. In the USA these are the ANSI guidelines.

Here you can see an excerpt from instructions for a frequency therapy device.

Customers must be told how they can and cannot use a device to avoid harm. This protects the customer from damage to life and limb and the manufacturer or distributor from liability claims.

The operation of the device is explained to the end customer step by step. The terms used are kept as simple as possible and understandable for everyone.

For other customer groups, such as B. service technicians, the instructions are different and the terms used correspond to the working vocabulary of the target group.

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