What I love about Ireland

Ireland – what comes to your mind when you think about this country? That it is an island in the Atlantic, close to Great Britain and that a part of its north is still part of the UK? That it is green because it rains a lot? That it is part of the European Union? That's it? Or is there more to it?

Well, I visited the island three times and this last time I'm willing to stay.

Before I finally moved here I had visited Ireland two times. My first stay lasted almost a year as I was working as an assistant teacher for German. The second time was only a week and that was to gain clarity about how to continue my life. While my first time in Ireland I only saw Longford and its surroundings and had a short glimpse on Doolin and Sligo the second time I was here to hike the Wicklow Mountains.

On my tour I learned a lot about the Irish weather. "Four seasons in a day", absolutely. I had to turn off and on my clothes every 15 minutes. I was sweating from the inside and soaking from the outside. It was on top of a mountain, that I decided to change clothes. I stood there with my bare upper part of body in the clouds, put on a new sweatshirt and a fresh jumper and then I took a bite from a chocolate bar. Oh man, how good I felt in this moment. I had walked for hours not knowing when and where I would arrive. The landscape was fantastic even though I did not focus that much on it. I had not seen anyone else for hours until two Dutch hikers crossed my way shortly before my change in the clouds.

Afterwards, with fresh spirit and a lot more energy, I continued my way. Sheep grassing besides the path, gazing at me mumbling there meal. I was grinning and smiling. I good it felt to have dry clothes on. I don't know how long it took me, but finally I arrived at Glendalough and it was worth the way. The lakes, the ruins, the energy, even though I did not think much about that to this time of my life, but I felt very good.

So I love the irish weather because no matter how much it rains you can be certain that the sun will come up and shine on you.


I met some lovely people there from all parts of the world. I had two nice days there until I had to decide whether to walk back to Dublin again or if I would go by bus.

I like Bus Éireann. The buses are comfortable, the prices are decent and they get you everywhere in Ireland.

Back in Dublin I decided to just be there. Walking the streets, having my meals in the hostel, going back on the streets. It is a place I felt comfortable despite the fact, that it is Ireland's biggest city and therefore is very crowded which makes me often feel uncomfortable. So, on my ways I came across some people there and they all have been very kind. A characteristic that I connect to Irish people.

I love the Irish, because they are very kind and aware of you. You will not come across a man or a woman who denies to greet you.


During my first time in Ireland had decided to go to Doolin because I had read that this village is famous for its traditional music. So I took the train to Galway and from there Bus Éireann to Doolin. I made company with a young fellow from the States (North Virginia) and a young woman from Australia. However, to the pub around the corner I went alone. It was my will was to listen to Irish traditional music and I got ... two Germans playing music on there electronic keyboard.

The next day I decided to go for a long walk. I stuffed a bottle of water in my Rucksack and an orange. Right beside the hostel was a gate leading to farmland. And there my journey for the day started. I walked along the cliffs, the waves from deep down under my feet crashing against the rocky shore, flying upwards over my head and raining down on me. Oh goodness what an energy! That shook me, it was just like being in some temporarily far away scenery. Passing ruins of abandoned farmhouses and barns, walking past grassing cows and horses, I had to jump over a brook that would become, some meters farther, a waterfall drowning in the Atlantic ocean. And then, after all the amazing and strenuous experiences, I decided to make a break.

I was afraid of heights at that time but then I decided to cross a little dam or barricade and to sit on the edge of the cliff. I peeled the orange and ate with great satisfaction the fruit, the waters still gushing in front of me upwards and down on me.

I love the Irish landscape. It is so vivid and full of raw natural energy. When your batteries are low come here and recharge them.


I continued my way and finally I stood at the Cliffs of Moher to my surprise. And there I also met my American fellow and we had a jolly way back to the hostel. All three of us went to the pub that night. This time it were Irish that sat there and played there fiddles, bodhrans and flutes.

I love traditional Irish music especially the Uillean Pipes give me chills. There is so much passion and compassion in the music.


When I went to Sligo it was to see something different from what I knew of Ireland already. In my mind I keep the image of a small but very interesting town. I went to a museum that displayed the works of an Japanese artist who draw on the tiniest things even on a single hair. As I walked around I came across two French brothers who had moved to Ireland. The one worked in a coffee shop the other chose not to work. Then I met some guys from Poland with whom I shared a room in the hostel. We drank some pints that night and later on struggled to get some sleep because the English bloke in the room wouldn't stop making his phone call.

I love the diversity in Ireland. So many different people come here for so many different reasons. You can learn so much about life in this country. And it continues. Back in time when I went here to work or when I came as a tourist I felt like being part of a minority. Today it feels differently. The whole world has mixed up. You don't have to go to far to meet people from other countries. For me it feels ok, but I know that I felt different about it in Germany. Happenings have accelerated. But still Ireland hasn't lost any of its magic to me.

I do live now in County Clare at the foot of the Burren, a mystical out of the world place. And so my fantastic journey continues but this time I have company.

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