Devolpement areas

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Standing still is death and there is always something to learn.

I continue to educate myself and pursue my interests. In this way, I am able to understand even more complex topics in a short time, so that I can quickly achieve good results.

Here you can see an example of a 3D model that I created in Blender and the animation of the model.

With such a small video (here as a gif), more complex instructions can be clearly explained to customers.

Other learning areas currently include:

Video editing

Images alone can be very impressive, but when combined with sound and the right blending effects, something new emerges that brings out the full magic of the images.

Through targeted editing of films, statements can be highlighted, given special weight and conveying their message more effectively.


I have always been fascinated by ancient crafts and methods. When you look around the world and compare what people have created in the past with simpler means and compare it with today's creations, you sometimes have to be amazed.

It's similar with printing. I don't want to say the pressure is worse today, because that's definitely not the case. But I miss something about modern books and prints.

When I pick up an old book with a linen or leather cover that was printed 200 years ago, I feel something. I love the feel with its slightly rough surface and the indentations of the letters in the paper. A book like this has a lot of soul and character.