The package

If you are you planning to build up your own little business by selling your craftswork or anything you do I can help you.

For getting known it is good to have a website which you can purchase for around 80 Euros per year.

Than you should have a business card and some marketing material like flyers, brochures or simply postcards.

We will talk about what you want and need.


I aim at small businesses or self-employed. I will accompany you all the way so that you have a good start.

Here I show you what I can do for you and when you are interested let's get in contact.


I will create a website for you, probably with webador because they are one of the cheapest on the market. But any other modular website builder would fit, too.

Your website will be multilingual if you wish. It may include a webshop and could be equipped with forms, pictures, videos. With all this I will help you, too.

A modular website builder makes it easy for you to keep your website up-to-date without the help of an web designer.

So, I will build the first version of your website and give you a short lesson on how to work with webador. Then it is on you to keep it running.


I will develop a logo for you. We will talk about your ideas and then it is on me to show you my suggestions. When you are contempt you will get a file that can be used for your website, on your business card, stickers, letterpaper...

Business cards

A small bit of marketing but still very effective is your business card. It is easy to handle, fits in every pocket and provides enough space for all your information.

I will provide the data and, if you want so, together we will choose the printer.

Sign and banners

For your shop or if you go to a market you draw the attention to you by using a sign or banner with your business credentials.

Signs can vary in size, shape and material. Print your information on wood, plastic, acryl, metal... I will provide the fitting data.

Letterpaper, cards, stickers, etc.

For a professional appearance you will use letter paper with your logo and credentials. Or you will use cards and stickers that your customers want to keep. This, too, is a very effective way of marketing.

I will provide the data and do the talks with the printer.